Obama Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. is a Japanese sake brewery newly established in 2016 by inheriting the business from Wakasa Fuji Co., Ltd.。

The roots of Wakasa Fuji go back to Edo era, Yoshioka brewery(Obama) and Henmi brewery (Kumagawa),. After the merger of the two breweries in 1965, Wakasa Fuji have been the only sake brewery in the Obama area of Fukui Prefecture to survive.

With the hope of bringing a new wind to the drastically changing Japanese sake industry in recent years, as well as contributing to regional development centered on the sake brewery, the descendants of the Yoshioka brewery before the merger took the lead in establishing Obama Sake Brewing Co.

We may be a new brewery, but we are moving forward step by step with the goal of becoming an "excellent company" in terms of quality and company, so we ask for your support and encouragement.