About Company

Obama Sake was established under the slogan of "keeping the light of local sake alive" in response to the withdrawal of Wakasa Fuji Co.。


<Company Profile>

Company name: Obama Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative: Yoichi Yoshioka

Address: 917-0036 18-34 Nakai, Obama City, Fukui Prefecture

Phone number: 0770-64-5473

FAX number: 0770-64-5474

Email address: info@obama-sake.com

Capital: 18 million yen

Established: November, 2016

Business description: Manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages


<Corporate history>

【1830】Yoshioka Brewery established

【1862】Henmi Brewery established

【1965】 Wakasa Fuji Co., Ltd. established by merging Yoshioka Brewery and Henmi Brewery

【2016】Obama Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. established

【2017】 Newly built brewery-house at the former Yoshioka Brewery