Member Introduction

Yoichi Yoshioka

Hobbies: art 

Favorite sake: Junmai Wakasa

Comment: Please try our handmade and natural sake, Wakasa, brewed in a 200 year old brewery. 

CEO & Co-Founder 
Akiteru Takaoka

Hobbies: fishing and golf

Favorite sake: Junmai-Ginjo 

Comment: We have sake that you can only try at the brewery so please come and try it.


Office Staff
Naomi Morikami

Hobby: reading 

Favorite sake: Junmai-Ginjo

Comment: Please come visit our brewery, located in Obama city. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Marketing and Factory Staff
Nathan Walker

Hobby: kendo and computer games

Favorite sake: Kumagawajuku

Comment: Obama city is full of beautiful nature so when you feel tired from work just take a step outside to feel refreshed.